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The Wikipedia Project


The project is a collaboration between the AISA , Wikimedia CH and Wikipedia.

The goal is to provide a new portal devoted to the History of the Alps. It is designed as a place where to work and to discuss for all users.

The portal will host a bibliography , an archive of images , a series of thematic articles on the Alps, a selection of works of reference for the Alpine history published before 1900 (downloadable), a large section on the History of Alpinism and many other useful tools for scholars or for all those who are interested in the history of the Alps

In addition the site offers a new electronic access to the journal " Histoire des Alpes - History of the Alps - Geschichte der Alpen "

The portal is under construction. The project was entrusted to Andrea Caracausi (University of Padua) and will be completed during 2014 .


To consult the portal click below: