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The International Association for Alpine History (IAAH) was established on 7 October 1995 in Lucerne, under the auspices of some thirty historians from six countries that share the "Alpine space": Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Slovenia, and Switzerland (subsequently joined by Lichtenstein).
The Association is a forum open to scholars and academics working in universities, research centres, archives and museums. It also welcomes local and regional history students and enthusiasts, and anyone who far or near cultivates a keen interest in Alpine history.
Thanks to IAAH they can benefit from a common platform on which to air what information or knowledge they have acquired, and develop synergies and fruitful collaborative ventures. The association grew out of a combination of stimuli: the analogies observed between different valleys of the Alpine arc, the analogies in the way similar solutions are found to similar problems, added to the formation of collective mentalities and sensibilities. All of these contributed to better communication and to lowering any geographical, political, language, cultural and disciplinary barriers. In the collective unconscious they loom like daunting boundary walls, or transit areas between northern and southern Europe, on the fringes compared to the centrality of urbanised districts. But, here in this institution, the Alps are granted a "past", a history, and thereby their own "virtual identity and autonomy" within the Continent.
IAAH is based at the Laboratorio di Storia delle Alpi (LabiSAlp). IAHA encourages researchers and scholars in the field to meet each other and exchange ideas, in two ways: it publishes a yearly journal "Histoire des Alpes-Storia delle Alpi-Geschichte der Alpen"; and, secondly, it organises scientific conferences and colloquia. The administration is provided by LabiSAlp.



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